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Water PH sensor Introduction

The industrial water PH sensor is a kind of water quality sensor to measure the PH value (hydrogen ion concentration index, PH) of the measured water, the instrument has automatic temperature compensation function. It is suitable for industrial sewage, domestic sewage, agriculture, and aquaculture in non-corrosive weak acid and alkali environment. The output signal is RS485, 4-20mA.


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Industrial water ph sensor

Water PH sensor Features

(1)High-sensitivity electrode, high temperature and high pressure resistance, the probe uses high-performance PH glass electrode, high temperature and high pressure resistance, strong adaptability, long life, simple maintenance.

(2)Large 2.4-inch LCD screen, the value is clear at a glance, and the value is displayed in real-time high-definition.

(3)High precision and stable signal, allowing you to obtain every data at any time, with an accuracy of 0.01mg/L.

(4)There is a password to prevent data leakage.

(5)Multiple adaptation fields, one machine with multiple configurations, intelligent adaptation.

(6)Intelligent temperature compensation design, intelligent temperature compensation, one-key adjustable, suitable for a variety of measurement occasions.

Water PH sensor parameters

DC power supply (default) : 12-24 V DC

Power consumption: ≤0.15W(@12V DC, 25°C)

Measurement accuracy: 0.5pH

PH measurement range: 0-14pH

PH resolution: 0.01 PH

Output signal: RS485(Mondbus protocol)/ 4-20MA output (optional)

Temperature compensation: -20°C-80°C(manual/automatic)

Response speed: ≤15s

Relay alarm: two normally open normally closed alarm relay

ph sensor

pH electrode use

There are different types of pH electrodes for different measurement environments. The six most commonly used electrode types are listed on the right.

pH sensor widely use in:

Industrial Waste Water Applications

Sanitation Chemicals – Chlorine, Bleach, Caustic, Acids, Bases

Pharmaceutical Waste Water

Sewer Water

Cooling Towers

Commercial Swimming Pools

Aquaculture industry

Aquarium measurement ph


What does water quality test pH value mean?

When Water quality measurement pH means the negative logarithm of hydrogen ions in water. The pH is sometimes called the hydrogen ion index. The concentration of hydrogen ions in water can be used to determine whether water solubility is basic, acidic or neutral. Because the value of hydrogen ion concentration is often very small, it is not convenient to apply, so the concept of pH value is used as the indicator to judge the acidity and alkalinity of aqueous solution, and the negative pair value of ion concentration can express the magnitude of the change of acidity and alkalinity, so it is very convenient to apply.

What is a water PH sensor?

When water PH sensor, a sensor used to detect the concentration of hydrogen ions in the subject and convert it into a corresponding usable output signal, which is usually composed of a chemical locality and a signal transmission locality. PH sensors are commonly used for industrial measurements of solutions, water and other substances.


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