Portable small weather station monitor the meteorological environment


Portable small weather station belongs to a small weather station, easy to carry.

Portable small weather station mainly consists of weather sensor, collector, transmission module, support and other parts.

With the rapid development of agricultural planting in recent years. Many large agricultural planting areas have introduced small weather stations to monitor meteorological changes anytime and anywhere.

Portable small weather station

Small weather stations can monitor meteorological factors including temperature, humidity, wind speed, wind direction, rainfall, solar radiation intensity, etc.

Weather stations allow people to keep abreast of changes in agricultural meteorology, improving planting efficiency and agricultural production.

In the face of the current development situation and requirements of agricultural planting in China, the products of traditional weather stations are limited, with weak pertinence, low timeliness and insufficient coverage, which can not fully meet the needs of modern agricultural development and new rural construction.

Especially in the case of agricultural disaster prevention and mitigation, agricultural response to climate change, food security and other new requirements for agrometeorological work, it is urgent to adopt new technical means to change and improve the phenomenon of lagging agrometeorological observation ability.


The use of portable small weather stations to strengthen the monitoring of farmland meteorological environment.

It can not only effectively help farmers to strengthen the management of farmland, prevent natural disasters and pests.

It can also improve the capacity of agro-meteorological disaster monitoring, forecasting and early warning.

Disaster assessment can be carried out, and disease prevention and control can be improved.

Effectively ensure the growth of wheat and other crops, promote the healthy development of large-scale agriculture to provide scientific and reliable data support.

At present, small weather stations have been widely used in agricultural demonstration planting bases in many areas.

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