SO2 electrochemical gas sensor in gas monitoring system


SO2 electrochemical gas sensor have been widely used in continuous monitoring of various industrial emissions.

For example, waste incineration plants, thermal power plants, coal, petrochemical and paper mills and other industries.

With the rapid development of industrial production and enterprises, China is facing a very prominent environmental problem — industrial exhaust emissions pollution.

According to the air Pollution Prevention and Control Law and other provisions, industrial waste gas must be pre-treated before discharge, in order to meet the national exhaust emission standards, before allowing external discharge.

Because some substances in these emissions will enter the human body through different ways through the respiratory tract, some will directly produce health hazards, and some will accumulate, which will cause more serious harm to human health in the long run.

The waste gas produced by factories, workshops and other industrial sites is pretreated to make the planned emissions reach the national exhaust gas emission standards, which is the meaning of industrial exhaust gas purification.

Emission is usually allowed only after the purified waste gas is tested to ensure that it meets the emission standards.

Measurements can be made using SO2 electrochemical gas sensor.

SO2 electrochemical gas sensor

SO2 is currently recognized as one of the most important corrosive gases in the atmosphere by various countries and regions.

Sulfur dioxide can speed up the corrosion process of most metals, because China is the world’s largest coal producer, one of the consumers, so the atmosphere suffered from sulfur dioxide pollution is very serious.

And in some areas, the amount of sulfur dioxide in the atmosphere exceeds 60 percent of the total.

Therefore, it is very necessary to monitor SO2 gas in the atmosphere, and accurate and sensitive measurement methods need to be established.

In the industrial waste gas, sulfur dioxide gas (SO2) is a relatively harmful gas to the environment. Measurements can be made using SO2 electrochemical sensor.

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