smart water monitoring system

Brief description:

The smart water monitoring system is mainly used for monitoring the groundwater level. River water level monitoring. Reservoir water level monitoring, pool water level monitoring. Water level monitoring data provides scientific basis for monitoring water level dynamic information. The water level monitoring system is based on a monitoring center and monitoring equipment. Data collection, communication network and other parts. The monitoring equipment mainly includes radar level gauges. Ultrasonic level gauge, etc. Data collection is mainly carried out through the monitoring terminal for data collection and upload. GPRS realizes the function of communication network equipment. The monitoring center is realized by switches and servers.

smart water monitoring system
What are the advantages of the water level monitoring system?

1. Real-time monitoring of target parameters such as road accumulated water, rainfall, rainfall, water quality and so on. Ensure that the river course and water level are at a normal water level. Provide scientific guarantee for flood prevention work.

2. Remote video monitoring function The water level remote monitoring system can watch the real-time water level and flow through the mobile phone and computer. At the same time, it can also automatically take photos and upload to the cloud platform. It is helpful for water level monitoring personnel to find problems in time. Reduce property losses.

3. Alarm information function The water level monitoring personnel set a safe value for the water level. When the water level exceeds the set safe value. The system will automatically issue an alarm. The alarm information is automatically sent to the staff’s mobile phone and computer. The problem can be found as quickly as possible. Solve the problem.

4. You can set the collection time interval and the reporting time interval by yourself.

5. Data storage and analysis function. The system automatically uploads the monitored data. Save automatically. Managers can view the data of a certain day at any time. Analyze and discuss. Conducive to the summary of experience. The water level monitoring system has become an important and effective means of flood prevention. It is a scientific guarantee for flood prevention.

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