Real-time monitoring instrument to measure rainfall program


The instrument to measure rainfall automatic monitoring system is suitable for remote monitoring of reservoirs and lakes by water conservancy management departments. The water level of river courses, anti-logging pumping stations, channels, and groundwater. Real-time data such as rainfall. At the same time, it supports remote image monitoring. Provide accurate and timely on-site information to ensure safety during the flood season. The completed system can quickly transmit the water regime information of various flood reporting stations within its jurisdiction. Can quickly collect, check, and correct errors. The standardization process can be performed automatically. The processed water regime information can be automatically forwarded to the target location. The water regime monitoring and early warning system has sophisticated equipment. Advanced technology and simple structure. Flexible operation and reasonable cost. Easy to maintain.

water and rain monitoring system

The water and rain monitoring system instrument to measure rainfall produced by Jingxunchangtong achieves real-time monitoring of water and rain conditions. The information management of water and rain conditions in the jurisdiction has been realized. Protecting people’s lives. Played a major role in property security. The system uses wireless communication to transmit monitoring data in real time. Can greatly improve the efficiency of the hydrological department. The system applies advanced technology and equipment. Realize automatic measurement of rainfall and water level. Long-term solid-state storage of data and automatic data transmission.

Provide accurate and timely real-time rain for flood control command departments at all levels. Water regime information, decision-making for flood control and flood fighting and rescue. Disaster relief command provides scientific basis. Satisfy timely for the local national economic construction, flood prevention and drought relief. Project management and operation provide hydrological information and forecast services. Managers view data information and photo information through the water and rain monitoring software platform. Comprehensively understand the water level and rainfall situation, and timely grasp the current water regime in the jurisdiction. At the same time, it can also be based on the photos of the project site and the operation of the gate. Discover the signs of danger in time. Determine the danger and give early warning. For the safe operation of channels, rivers, reservoirs and sluices. Provide timely and effective information support.

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