rainfall measurement instruments


Rainfall refers to the rain that falls from the sky to the ground. The depth of the water layer that accumulates on the water surface without evaporation, infiltration, or loss. Generally in millimeters. It can intuitively indicate the amount of rainfall. Rainfall per unit time is called rainfall intensity. Rainfall intensity is divided by rainfall grade. Rainfall measurement instruments can measure rainfall. Help farmers produce.

rainfall measurement instruments
rainfall measurement instruments

Strengthen the attention to rainfall and weather, and do a good job in prevention. A moderate amount of rainfall helps the growth of crops. But a lot of rainfall will cause damage to crops. Therefore, more attention should be paid to rainy weather conditions. Pay attention to the weather forecast every day. And pay attention to the amount of precipitation in each rainy weather. In order to avoid excessive rainfall, the crops will be flooded. Once a lot of rain is found. It is necessary to organize local staff to inspect the corresponding drainage pipes. The related pipelines that have been damaged should also be repaired in time. It can drain water normally in rainy weather. Avoid standing water in areas where crops grow. Affect the growth of crops.

For some crops that are extremely light-loving in their peak growth period. Some continuous rain weather will affect its own normal growth. As a result, the yield and quality of such crops have declined. A lot of rainfall can also lead to floods. For farmland soil is in the process of being flooded. Will cause a large loss of soil fertility. And after the water in the farmland is exhausted. Crops will also affect their normal growth due to insufficient soil nutrients. This in turn reduces the yield of the entire farmland.

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