Factors affecting water turbidity detection


Turbidity can be understood as the cleanliness of the transparent medium. It is caused by tiny particles such as silt, clay, microorganisms and organic matter. The scattering and absorption of incident light by suspended matter causes light attenuation. The change of turbidity is usually to measure the intensity of scattered light, the intensity of transmitted light and other parameters. It is an optical effect, expressed as the degree to which light is obstructed when passing through the water layer. Jingxunchangtong is the manufacturer of water quality sensor. A variety of water quality sensors have been developed and produced.

Influencing factors:

First of all, the process of the manufacturer of water quality sensor water turbidity detector to detect turbidity is to determine the scattered light rate of suspended particles in the liquid medium. The scattering depends on the concentration of the particles and the astigmatism effect of the particles. Secondly, the shape and size of the particles and the light scattering pairs are asymmetrical. Therefore, when measuring turbidity, the angle of scattering must be considered. There is also the wavelength of light. As mentioned above, the intensity of scattered light depends on the size of the particles and the color of the liquid whether it will reduce the amount of light. This will also affect the turbidity parameters.

In addition, when we carry out the turbidity measurement method, we can refer to a detection range. For example, many breweries need to detect yeast particles in the light yellow water. Therefore, the angle and light source absorption must be considered when testing. Although some light-absorbing substances or some fluorescence in the water quality will affect the turbidity. But this kind of interference can pass through other wavelengths of light than visible light during operation. Finally, when the water turbidity is measured online, air bubbles will also interfere. In this case, we can choose a suitable installation point to reduce the interference of air bubbles.

manufacturer of water quality sensor
manufacturer of water quality sensor

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