Integrated Weather Station – Meteorological monitoring system


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Integrated Weather Station

Integrated Weather Station is a set of low-cost weather stations developed by JXCT, which are suitable for customers to conduct short-term or long-term environmental monitoring and recording data in different locations. The automatic weather station is small in size and light in weight. The shell is made of high quality anti-ultraviolet material and has a long service life. The bottom is equipped with high sensitivity probe, stable signal, higher measurement accuracy.

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Integrated Weather Station


Integrated Weather Station Features

1. The integrated design of multiple collection devices is adopted, which is easy to install.

2. Wind speed and direction structure and weight have been carefully designed and distributed respectively, with a small moment of inertia and sensitive response

3. Noise collection, accurate measurement, range up to 30dB~120dB.

4. PM2.5 and PM10 are collected at the same time, range: 0-1000ug/m3, resolution 1ug/m3, unique dual-frequency data collection, and automatic calibration technology, the consistency can reach ±10%.

5. CO2 range: 0-5000ppm, resolution 1ppm.

6. Measuring the environmental temperature and humidity, the measuring unit is imported from Switzerland, and the measurement is accurate.

7. Wide range 0-120Kpa air pressure range, applicable to various altitudes.

8. Using dedicated 485 circuits, stable communication, 12~24V wide voltage range power supply.


Shutter Box Measurement Elements Parameters
Parameter Range Resolution Accuracy Unit
Temperature -40~80 0.1 ±0.2
Humidity 0-100 0.1 ±3 %RH
PM2.5 0-999 1 ±10F.s ug/m3
PM10 0-999 1 ±10F.s ug/m3
Atmospheric Pressure 10-1200 0.01 ±0.1 mbar
Noise 30-130 0.1 ±1.5 dB
SO2 0-20 0.01 ±3F.s ppm
NO2 0-20 0.01 ±3F.s ppm
O3 0-20 0.1 ±3F.s ppm
CO2 0-5000 0.01 ±3F.s ppm
CO 0-1000 0.1 ±3F.s ppm
Illuminance 0-20000 1 ±7% LUX

Integrated weather station use

The portable weather station is simple to install. Install the wind speed and direction sensor on the fixed bracket and connect the wire to complete it. Users can freely match sensor modules according to their needs. This integrated weather station has a high degree of protection and can be used outdoors for a long time.

RS-FSXJT-N01-1 portable weather station is suitable for campuses, houses, churches, gardens, office buildings, and other places that require simple installation or small space. The device can be installed on the top of the building to prevent obstructions from affecting the measurement accuracy.

weather station sensor


Why choose our weather station?

Professional brand: JXCT has 7 years of experience in weather sensors manufacturing and is the Chinese top one manufacturer of environmental monitoring equipment. With a professional R&D and technical team, the product variety is rich, and it supports customer customization.

More types: Provide a variety of agricultural or industrial weather stations, weather sensors with various output methods. You can freely match sensors according to your needs. Wide measurement range.

Free platform: In order to facilitate customers to view data in real-time, JXCT has developed a variety of data platforms, which can be viewed through various methods such as computers, iPad, and mobile phones. All are provided to users for free.

Cheap price: We have a complete production scale and controllable cost. The price of the same type of weather station is much lower than the average market price. It can save you at least 40% of your budget.

Fast delivery: We have sufficient stock and can guarantee delivery within 24 hours after payment. Welcome to inquire.


Integrated Weather Station Introduction Manual

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