Explosion-proof TVOC Gas Sensor-Fixed TVOC Gas Detector


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Product Introduction:

Fixed TVOC gas detector is a TVOC sensor that can detect the concentration of TVOC gas using PID detection method under harsh environment. The pump sampling method is adopted, which needs to be used with a host machine. When the concentration of TVOC in the ambient air exceeds the standard, the sound and light alarm will be given. The fixed TVOC gas detector adopts the international high quality TVOC sensor, the detection result is more accurate, the life is guaranteed, and supports a variety of signal output.

Product parameters:

TVOC measurement range: 0-200

measurement method: PID detection

TVOC measurement accuracy: ≤15%

resolution: 1mg/m3

Response time: generally less than 15s

Power supply: 12-24V DC

Power consumption: < 1 w

Operating temperature: 0 to 50°C

Operating humidity: 15 to 93%RH (relative humidity), no condensation

Communication port: RS485/ 4-20MA /0-5V/0-10V

Explosion-proof grade: EXD II CT6

Product Details:

1, high quality probe, quality assurance: we use a variety of high quality probe, ensure the probe sensitive, long life.

2, fine workmanship, waterproof and dustproof: shell joint/wire interface for double waterproof treatment, waterproof grade up to IP65.

3, die-cast aluminum shell high explosion-proof grade: shell Exd II CT6 level explosion-proof, protect the internal components.

4, probe protection, meticulous and thoughtful: stainless steel mesh protection probe part, does not affect the gas in and out of the probe at the same time.

5, sound and light alarm, double protection: the alarm can produce nearly 80dB(A) alarm and supplemented by red light prompt, strong warning.

TVOC gas detector

Fixed TVOC Gas Detector Introduction Manual

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