O3 gas sensor prevents ozone pollution


At present, ozone pollution prevention and control is mainly based on ventilation, and O3 gas sensor is used to prevent in advance.

At present, although there is no perfect solution to the problem of ozone pollution, we have more mature monitoring equipment, such as fixed installed ozone sensors and portable ozone monitors.

These two types of monitoring equipment are relatively common ozone monitoring instruments in the market.

It can effectively monitor ozone concentration, exceed the limit alarm data upload, remind managers to do early processing.

Sensor introduction:

The O3 gas sensor uses the electrochemical detection principle and enters the sensor by measuring the target gas.

The magnitude of the current generated when a chemical reaction occurs at the inductive electrode, thus achieving the purpose of detecting its concentration.

The sensor is quick and sensitive and can accurately detect ozone concentration.

O3 gas sensor shell adopts wall-mounted waterproof shell, easy to install, protection class reaches IP65;
The equipment adopts imported high sensitivity gas detection probe, and uses high performance signal acquisition circuit.

O3 gas sensor

The equipment can accurately measure PPM level ozone concentration, signal stability, high accuracy.
Ozone sensor adopts 485 communication, standard ModBus-RTU communication protocol.

The communication address and baud rate can be set. The maximum communication distance is 2000 meters. Equipment 10-30V wide voltage power supply, shell protection grade is high, can adapt to all kinds of harsh conditions on site.

Detector introduction:

Ozone gas detector is an intrinsically safe gas detector developed for the environment containing ozone gas.

The detector uses natural diffusion method to detect gas, using electrochemical gas sensor, with excellent sensitivity and excellent repeatability.

Ozone detector can store detection data up to 100,000 pieces, with software can view historical data at any time.

Hd color screen design, easy to check the gas state, can set the high and low limit alarm value.
Quick key to turn on and off sound alarm and save mode.

Handheld design, large capacity battery easy to use, under the steady on mode, the device can last for at least 8 hours.

When the detected gas is higher than the specified concentration, there will be sound, light, vibration three alarm methods.

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