H2S gas sensor which kinds


H2S gas sensor is an instrument used to detect the concentration of hydrogen sulfide gas leakage.

These sensors, which are usually used to measure the composition and concentration of gases, are also called gas detectors. Its sensor is an important part of the product composition.

However, H2S gas sensor can be divided into many types due to different uses and application fields. So you know what kinds of SENSOR types of H2S gas detector?

H2S gas sensor

H2S gas detector sensor type:

1, galvanic gas sensor

The principle of the galvanic gas sensor is the same as the dry battery we use, but the carbon manganese electrode of the battery is replaced by the gas electrode.

In the case of an oxygen sensor, oxygen is reduced at the cathode and electrons flow through the ammeter to the anode, where the lead metal is oxidized.

The magnitude of the current is directly related to the concentration of oxygen. This sensor can effectively detect oxygen, sulfur dioxide and so on.

2, constant potential electrolytic cell type gas sensor

This H2S gas sensor is very effective for detecting reducing gases.

Its principle and galvanic sensor is not the same, its electrochemical reaction is forced under the current, is a real coulomb analysis of the sensor.

This sensor has been successfully used in the detection of carbon monoxide, hydrogen sulfide, hydrogen, ammonia, hydrazine, and other gases, and is currently the mainstream sensor for toxic and harmful gas detection.

3, concentration battery type gas sensor

The electrochemically active gas of the sensor will spontaneously form concentration electromotive force on both sides of the electrochemical cell. The electromotive force is related to the concentration of the gas.

Successful examples of such sensors are automotive oxygen sensors and solid electrolyte type carbon dioxide sensors.

4, limit current type gas sensor

There is a kind of oxygen concentration sensor which makes use of the principle that limit current in electrochemical cell is related to carrier concentration to prepare oxygen (gas) concentration sensor. Used for automobile oxygen detection and oxygen concentration detection in molten steel.

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