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There are many types of liquid level sensor on the market, such as photoelectric, capacitive, float and so on.

With the development of science and technology, the requirements for products will be higher and higher, and the relative requirements for liquid level sensor will be higher.

And it is especially widely used in our life, such as coffee machine, humidifier, steam iron and so on.
Photoelectric liquid level sensor has two kinds of separated and integrated, integrated need to contact the detected liquid.

The split type requires the light cone to be designed on the container.

There is no difference between the two principles before, both are based on the principle of optical reflection. The level of liquid level is detected according to the reflected light received by the internal receiving tube.

Capacitive non – contact detection, it does not need to contact the liquid.

There should be no motor or metal objects within 2cm around the sensor, and the wall should not be too thick, otherwise it will affect the detection.

How to choose:

Different liquid level sensors are used in different scenarios. If you want to choose more suitable for their words, can be evaluated according to the following aspects of screening.

liquid level sensor

1, the detection of liquid: the characteristics of the medium in the liquid, the proportion of impurities in the medium, the viscosity of the liquid to be detected, whether it contains particles, whether it is easy to scale, whether there is a chemical reaction in the light and so on.

First understand their liquid situation, avoid using the sensor when affecting the detection of the sensor.

2, the application of the environment: such as temperature, pressure, liquid level range, so as to determine the selection of the sensor range

3, installation requirements: how to install to achieve the function of detection, sensor opening position, standard, caliber, material and soon.

4, manufacturer selection problem: the price of the sensor, after-sales service and soon.

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