Portable weather station in Installation


The portable weather station is a new type of online meteorological monitoring terminal integrating the online measurement of meteorological parameters. The equipment has the characteristics of small volume and integration.

Easy to transport, carry and install, can adjust the position dynamically at any time. The appearance, working conditions, safety requirements and functional requirements of the equipment all meet the requirements of modern meteorological monitoring.

Portable weather station are mainly used for on-line real-time monitoring of aquaculture meteorological monitoring, airport environmental monitoring, agricultural meteorological monitoring, and atmospheric environment air quality and other environments.

Portable automatic weather station

What are the monitoring parameters of portable weather station?

Portable automatic weather station can accurately measure a number of parameters: PM2.5, PM10, noise, temperature, humidity, wind speed, wind direction, wind, TSP, atmospheric pressure, rainfall, rain and snow, radiation, evaporation, soil temperature, humidity and electrical conductivity and other environmental factors. Can better meet the needs of customers.

Installation steps of portable weather station:

1.Take out the crossbar and iron sheet, and fix the crossbar on the vertical bar with the supporting screws; Then use the supporting screws to fix the sensor on the bar; At the same time use screws to secure the lightning rod to the top of the pole.

2.When the wind direction sensor is installed, there is a mark N at the bottom of the sensor, indicating that the wind direction sensor is facing north.

3.Place the LED screen face down on the ground. At this time, the sensor has been installed on the bar.

4.The LED light board is attached to the screen with strong magnets, which may cause the screen to fall off due to violent shaking during installation.

5.You don’t need to worry about it. You just need to put back the detached screen light board, and the magnet will absorb automatically. Use a hoop to fix the LED screen to the pole and tighten the screws.

Take out the hoop and screws, fix the solar panel and the central control box in the appropriate position, put the pole upright, according to the position of the pole bottom empty on the flat hard cement floor with a drilling machine into four holes that can be put into the expansion screw, should not affect the fixation too much.

6.Press the washer with expansion screws, clamp the vertical rod, and screw it into the hole. Be careful to tighten the expansion screws. Remove the bar and iron sheet and secure the bar to the pole using the matching screws.

Then use the supporting screws to fix the sensor on the bar; At the same time use screws to secure the lightning rod to the top of the pole.

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