Advantages of ultrasonic wind speed and direction sensor


Ultrasonic wind speed and direction sensor is a meteorological measuring instrument which is developed and produced based on the principle of ultrasonic wave.

Compared with other wind speed and direction sensors, ultrasonic wind speed and direction sensors have many advantages.

Including strong anti-interference ability, high detection accuracy, widely used in the field of meteorological environment monitoring.

In meteorological services, wind speed and direction are essential meteorological elements that need to be monitored.

However, the traditional mechanical wind speed and direction sensor has some disadvantages and limitations, such as low accuracy due to easy wear of parts.

In order to overcome the limitation of traditional wind speed and direction sensor, ultrasonic wind speed and direction sensor appeared.

Sensor has many advantages. First, there is no Angle limit, 360° all-round measurement, and can obtain wind speed and direction values at the same time.

The second is the use of integrated structure design, no moving parts, the shell with engineering plastic material, strong, small wear, long life.

wind speed and direction sensor

Third, the sensor does not require on-site calibration and maintenance.

Ultrasonic wind speed and direction sensor is compact, portable, easy to install and disassemble.


1, 0.01 high precision measurement: leading technology, high data accuracy guarantee, measurement accuracy up to 0.01, more accurate data;

2, acoustic phase compensation technology: no inertial measurement, accurate and reliable data measurement, fast response, high precision, stable signal;

3, no start wind speed limit, zero wind speed work, can obtain wind speed and direction data at the same time;

4, integrated design: product wear is small, no maintenance and on-site calibration, data stability and accuracy, long life, easy to deal with all kinds of harsh environment;

5,Random error identification technology: low discrete error can be guaranteed under strong wind to ensure stable data output;


1, exquisite version with spiral damping grain: increase friction, easy to grasp, the appearance is more beautiful;

2, exquisite version with sink hole: through the coordination with the hollow isolation column, can divert the rain water out, strong reliability.

3, compact version/integrated version: with direction mark on the top surface with direction mark, easy to install the direction calibration; Fixed one direction, automatic identification of other directions during detection.

4, integrated version can be customized multiple parameters: integrated box can be customized wind speed and direction/temperature and humidity noise/carbon dioxide /PM2.5/PM10 and other more than 20 meteorological monitoring parameters.

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