High quality water sensor COD BOD detector

What are BOD and COD?

Introduction of high quality water sensor Online COD/ BOD Detector Analyzer.

COD: Chemical Oxygen Demand COD is a chemical method. It can measure the amount of reducing substances wastewater, wastewater treatment plant effluent and polluted water. The oxygen equivalent of a substance (generally organic) that can be oxidized by a strong oxidant. In the study of river pollution and the nature of industrial wastewater. As well as the operation and management of wastewater treatment plants. It is an important organic pollution parameter that can be measured quickly. It is often represented by the symbol COD.

BOD: Biological Oxygen Demand BOD refers to the amount of dissolved oxygen consumed. In the process of decomposing organic matter in the water body into inorganic matter by aerobic microorganisms, referred to as BOD. However, The size of this indicator indirectly reflects the amount of organic pollutants in the water body. It is an important indicator to characterize the degree of water pollution. In my country’s national environmental protection standard HJ505-2009. It specifies the dilution and inoculation method for measuring BOD of water bodies.

product description

Water quality COD BOD probe sensor is a standard industrial output type COD concentration measuring instrument. At the same time, High precision, good stability, and easy to use. So, we can widely use it in the detection of wastewater in various industries.

The product has good behavior in terms of stability, accuracy, measurement range, and practicability. It can adapt to the various needs of different users. We can use it in the monitoring application of industrial sewage and various domestic sewage. And sewage such as chemical industry, petroleum, coking, papermaking, metallurgy, brewing, medicine and so on.


The water quality COD BOD sensor can automatically compensate for the turbidity in the water. Automatically hang in the water. The COD/BOD detector can always maintain a vertical state in the water. In addition, there are two options for the product line: a built-in steel wire mesh material. A common material. The core of the product adopts high-precision copper. The outer skin is flexible and resistant to bending, tensile and abrasion resistance.

high quality water sensor
high quality water sensor

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