Application of iot water quality system in water quality environment


The iot water quality system mainly includes two aspects: water pollution monitoring and drinking water monitoring.

Water pollution monitoring is to detect wastewater. Effectively prevent the occurrence of major wastewater pollution incidents. And reasonably control the discharge of wastewater. The monitoring of drinking water requires sensors to be installed in the water source area to be detected. The water source indicators of the monitored area need to be tested every day. Real-time understanding of changes in water sources. So as to provide people with safe and reliable drinking water. Environmental engineers used to monitor water quality. The method of on-site sampling and testing is generally used. Namely: Directly test the outlet and inlet of sewage. Then analyze the water quality and draw relevant conclusions.

This traditional monitoring method was also used in rural sewage treatment projects in the past. Spent a lot of energy. However, the results of monitoring and analysis have a certain degree of randomness. Therefore, it is difficult to reflect the actual situation of water pollution. In the process of water pollution supervision and management, the degree of difficulty is relatively high.

Application of water quality IoT technology sensor

Solving the above problems, not only can realize real-time monitoring, but also save a lot of manpower and time during the monitoring process.
The monitoring area of the water environment is generally relatively extensive, including unpolluted water resources, polluted water resources, and water resources. In the process of water quality monitoring using water quality sensor detection equipment, from judging and observing the quality of water quality, to identifying and analyzing toxic substances in water quality, the Internet of Things technology relies on its accurate identification and rapid transmission of data information to make water quality The entire monitoring process has become systematic and transparent, which not only helps us to grasp the water quality status and its changing process, but also better respond to the abnormal problems of environmental protection equipment and sewage treatment projects.

iot water monitoring system
iot water monitoring system

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