soil moisture sensor unit soil moisture sensor unit

What is soil moisture monitoring:

The soil moisture sensor unit soil moisture monitoring is to measure the soil moisture content and water potential at regular intervals. It is a regular agricultural basic work to understand the situation of excessive, suitable, lack and serious lack of soil moisture in time. The soil moisture monitor can monitor soil moisture in real time. Master soil moisture data. It has important guiding significance for rational irrigation, saving water, fighting drought and ensuring harvest, and fertilizing according to soil.

Overview of Soil Moisture Monitor:

The tubular soil moisture monitor is a high-precision, high-sensitivity soil moisture measuring instrument. By measuring the dielectric constant of the soil. It can directly and stably reflect the water content of various soils. The soil moisture monitor has low power consumption. Small size, easy to carry, simple installation, operation and maintenance. Soil moisture monitoring equipment is suitable for water-saving agricultural irrigation and greenhouse vegetables. Fields such as flower gardening, grassland pasture, soil rapid test, plant cultivation, scientific experiment and so on.


By default, the monitoring of 3 layers of soil temperature and soil moisture is supported. More layers can be customized.
The ABS material shell is used to prevent aging. It is more resistant to corrosion by acid, alkali and salt in the soil.
Use epoxy resin as the sealing material. Can be immersed in water for a long time without leakage.
The measurement accuracy is high and the performance is reliable. It is less affected by the salt content of the soil and is suitable for various soil qualities.
With shock-resistant packaging, it is safer to transport and store.
It has multi-directional protection against misconnection of power lines, ground lines, and signal lines.
Power supply: solar + lithium battery power supply scheme.
Communication: GPRS wireless communication.

soil moisture sensor unit

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