soil sensor wireless


SoilSoil is the most important growth substrate for crops. The root system of the crop needs to be taken from the soil. Absorb nutrients and moisture. To be able to grow normally. The soil quality directly affects crop yields. therefore. For agricultural practitioners. Only obtain accurate and sufficient soil quality data. In order to fertilize under irrigation. Be targeted in the process. Provide a better growing environment for crops. For smart agriculture projects. Comprehensive soil sensor wireless soil sensors are extremely important. A kind of basic equipment. Although the demand is based on the area of planting area. The difference has changed. But relatively speaking. The demand is still quite large.

soil sensor wireless
soil sensor wireless
Comprehensive soil sensor

Jingxun Changtong launched. This five-pin soil integrated sensor. It can measure soil temperature and humidity in real time. Five items of Ph value, electrical conductivity and nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium content. Factors that have a greater impact on the growth of crops. The monitoring value can pass RS485, switch quantity. LoRa, NB-IoT. 4G upload to Jingxun Cloud IoT Cloud. Users can use their mobile phones. Computer login Jingxun Cloud Intelligent Agriculture. Management platform to view. It is a high-quality agricultural single product with high quality and low price. Therefore, it is favored by customers. In this year, several breakthroughs in monthly sales have been achieved. The monthly sales volume exceeded two thousand. Shows strong market competitiveness.petitiveness.

The growth of various plants has its own suitable soil acidity and alkalinity. Most plants have difficulty growing normally when the pH is too high or too low. Some diseases can only occur within a certain pH range. Such as damping-off disease tends to occur on alkaline and neutral soil. Suitable soil acidity and alkalinity help the growth of agricultural products and reduce pests and diseases. Therefore, the monitoring of soil pH is very necessary.

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