Introduction to soil sensor price


Comprehensive soil sensor (five-in-one soil sensor). A sensor developed by Jingxunchangtong can monitor soil temperature, soil moisture, soil electrical conductivity (EC), soil ph, soil nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium index in real time. The soil sensor adopts imported chip inside, which has low power consumption, high sensitivity and stable signal. The probe part adopts special metal material as raw material, which is anti-corrosion and anti-electrolysis. It can ensure the long-term operation of the probe part and can be applied to various soils. Soil sensor price is also an issue we are very concerned about. Let’s introduce it below.

Details of soil detector:

The soil integrated sensor adopts epoxy resin vacuum filling glue. High-density epoxy resin is used for high-temperature vacuum filling between the probe and the body. It can prevent moisture from entering the inside of the fuselage. Good sealing performance. The whole body adopts IP68 waterproof and dustproof treatment. Ensure long-term operation of components.


The soil all-in-one sensor has been applied in multiple smart agriculture projects (high-standard farmland construction projects). With the development of these years, the monitoring data of soil monitoring equipment can not only include soil moisture. It can also include various meteorological elements such as soil nutrients, temperature and humidity. For example, through soil nutrient sensors, the content of nitrogen, phosphorus, and potassium in the soil can be monitored in real time. And through the monitoring of soil nutrients, it provides reference data support for planting and fertilization. Soil sensors can be used in conjunction with irrigation equipment, weather stations, etc. Jointly realize real-time monitoring of farmland environment.

Smart soil moisture sensors help agricultural producers adjust the quality of agricultural products. For example, proper soil moisture will result in a high yield of grapes. But the grapes are not necessarily very sweet. In high-quality wine producing regions such as France and Spain. In the later stage of grape growth, the purpose of using smart soil moisture sensors is to monitor the soil moisture content. Keep the soil moisture content relatively low. In turn, the sweetness of the grapes is guaranteed and their quality is improved.

soil sensor price
soil sensor price

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