The development of weather monitoring


Various phenomena occurring in the atmosphere have been concerned by people since ancient times. Meteorological monitoring is the basis of meteorological work. Provide an important basis for weather forecasting, climate analysis, scientific research and meteorological services. The first observation of the weather is mainly to observe and record through the eyes. With the development of science and technology, the current weather monitoring is basically automated. The main monitoring methods include best weather station, weather radar, drone monitoring, weather satellite, weather monitoring equipment, etc. In general, meteorological monitoring has mainly experienced three stages of development.

Formation stage of surface meteorological observation

At the end of the 16th century and the beginning of the 20th century. Observing instruments such as air temperature and humidity sensors, barometric pressure gauges, wind speed sensors, evaporation sensors, and total radiation have been invented one after another. It provides a foundation for gradually establishing a more complete best weather station. The daily systematic observation of near-surface meteorological elements provides the material basis. Provides a quantitative scientific basis for the research and operation of modern weather analysis and weather forecasting。

The stage of development of high-altitude observation

With the development of radio technology, radiosondes appeared. It can measure meteorological elements such as atmospheric humidity, temperature, pressure, wind speed and direction at different altitudes. Make meteorological observations break through the limitations of measurement. By the mid-1940s, the rapid development of meteorological rockets and meteorological radars began to be used for atmospheric detection. The development of these high-altitude detection technologies. So that people have a more comprehensive understanding of the three-dimensional observation of high-altitude phenomena.

Atmospheric remote sensing detection stage.

Atmospheric remote sensing expands the space range of detection and increases the observation content. Enhance the continuity of detection. From the perspective of the development history of meteorological monitoring. In the future, weather monitoring will increasingly be developed in the direction of automation, intelligence and socialization. Continuously improve monitoring efficiency, monitoring scope and monitoring accuracy.

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