Effect of Ozone Soil Conductivity on Plant Growth

What is soil conductivity:

Soil conductivity is an important parameter indispensable for the study of precision agriculture. It contains a wealth of information reflecting the quality and physical properties of the soil. For example: the salt, moisture, temperature, organic matter content and texture structure in the soil all affect the electrical of the varying degrees. The soil conductivity sensor can monitor the soil EC content. It is an indispensable instrument for the development of smart agriculture and soil monitoring, and it also plays an important role in smart irrigation.

soil conductivity
soil conductivity
The role of soil conductivity sensor:

Soil electrical conductivity plays a guiding role in the ability of plants to fertilize plants. The nutrients needed by plants are usually added through compounds. For example, by adding ammonium nitrate to supplement nitrogen, microorganisms will decompose these compounds. To facilitate the absorption and utilization of plants. Affect the conversion, existence and availability of soil nutrients. It is a threshold that limits the activity of plants and microorganisms. Within a certain concentration range, the salt content of the solution is positively correlated with the conductivity. The more dissolved salts, the greater the conductivity of the solution. Therefore, it is possible to indirectly reflect the salt content of the soil by measuring the electrical of the soil, thereby providing guidance for fertilization management.

The total soil salinity is increasing year by year, causing soil acidification and secondary salinization. This is mainly because, on the one hand, the perennial or seasonal soil cover changes the water and heat balance in the natural state (high temperature, lack of rainwater washing, strong evaporation). The soil is not fully leached by rain, causing salt to accumulate on the surface of the soil. On the other hand, it is also caused by unreasonable fertilization. Therefore, it is very necessary to monitor the of the soil to be able to grasp its pollution status.

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