air monitoring equipment system design


The three main sources of air pollution are industrial production. Living stove and transportation. As technology advances. People began to pay attention to environmental protection. And strengthen the monitoring of the atmosphere. And the same as the weather forecast. The purpose of forecasting environmental quality is to arouse public attention. This will bring a certain degree of public opinion pressure to the industrial enterprises in the city. Reduce its sewage discharge. However, for law enforcement agencies in many places. Insufficient personnel or insufficient funding for law enforcement. As a result, there are big loopholes in the detection of pollution sources and the supervision of pollutant discharge units in relevant units and institutions. Did not form effective. Air monitoring equipment real-time air quality inspection program. Let some companies that do not have pollution control facilities take risks for economic benefits. In order to avoid inspection, secretly carry out production discharge at night.

The air environment monitoring solution is based on RTU wireless communication technology. Connect devices through smart gateways and wirelessly. For example, PM2.5 sensors and VOCs sensors can be used together. Sulfur dioxide sensors, ammonia sensors and carbon monoxide sensors are used to detect air pollutants and other sensor equipment. Realize real-time monitoring of the concentration parameters of atmospheric inhalable particulate matter and other toxic and harmful gases. And can be based on the specific needs of users. Carry out targeted treatment. Through the data processing and graphics drawing on the platform. Meet the large-scale air monitoring equipment. Unified management. This enables relevant institutions and units to more intuitively understand the air pollution situation in the area. Realize all-weather, regional air pollution detection.

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