air quality detector


The air quality detector can cover the entire area. Realize air pollution monitoring with high temporal and spatial resolution. Combined with the application of informatization big data to achieve pollution source tracking. Functions such as early warning and forecasting. Provide more timely and effective decision-making support for environmental pollution prevention and control.

There are many sources and types of urban environmental pollution. We want to improve the urban environment quickly and ruthlessly to reduce smog. The first thing to do is to find out the disease to prescribe the right medicine. The increasingly complex air pollution situation is challenging the traditional monitoring methods of air pollution sources. The number of monitoring points currently implemented by the monitoring system of the environmental air national control point monitoring system is limited. The cost is high.

The method of substituting point for face leads to insufficient timeliness. Failure to achieve the goal of refined management and control. And it is impossible to realize the analysis of the temporal and spatial dynamic trend and the assessment of pollution reduction in the monitoring system. In-depth mining of pollution source tracking, environmental early warning and forecasting capabilities. In accordance with the requirements of the General Office on the construction of an ecological environment monitoring network. With rich experience in the field of atmospheric environmental monitoring. Developed a low cost that can realize high density grid layout. Multi-parameter integrated compact miniature ambient air monitoring system.

air quality detector
air quality detector

It is mainly composed of a gaseous pollutant detection module, a particulate matter detection module, and a meteorological parameter sensor. It is composed of wireless communication module, power supply and power management unit. Measurement factors include CO, SO2, NO2, O3, TVOC, PM1.0, PM2.5, PM10. Wind speed, wind direction, temperature, humidity, atmospheric pressure. Suitable for urban residential areas. Environmental monitoring of fixed pollution source areas such as key industrial enterprises. Environmental monitoring of unorganized open spaces such as road traffic, catering, and agricultural production. Border transportation monitoring of key pollution sources. Intercity pollutant transportation channel monitoring. Indoor environment monitoring such as buildings.

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