What is the rental of rain and snow sensors in weather monitoring systems

Rain and snow sensors under weather monitoring systems

Rainfall is the condensation of water vapor in the atmosphere caused by atmospheric circulation disturbances. And the phenomenon of falling to the ground in the form of liquid or solid water. The liquid is rain, and the solid is snow or hail. Rain and snow are all phenomena of natural precipitation. They are the only way for terrestrial organisms in rivers and lakes to replenish fresh water. It is an indispensable part of the earth’s water cycle. The uneven distribution of rainfall and snow in time and space can easily cause floods or droughts. Weather monitoring systems Rain and snow sensors are mainly used to detect whether there is rain or snow in nature.

Rain and snow sensor introduction

Jingxun Changtong rain and snow sensor can effectively detect rain and snow in nature. Adopt AC impedance measurement method. Greatly improve the life of the equipment, and the false alarm rate is almost zero.The rain and snow transmitter has a waterproof air outlet design. Rainproof, snowproof, and moisture-proof, suitable for all kinds of harsh environments. And when low temperature is detected, it will automatically heat, accelerate deicing and deicing, with long transmission distance and strong anti-interference ability. The dedicated four-core cable has strong anti-interference ability, long transmission distance and stable signal transmission. IP68 protection grade design, strong pressure resistance and corrosion resistance. Long service life and good air tightness.


The rain and snow sensor can be applied to the greenhouse environment. During the rainy season, or when heavy rain comes. After the rain and snow sensor detects the rainfall information. Connect the rain shelter of the greenhouse through the system and send a signal to the room manager. It can help managers to deal with it effectively. Effectively reduce the loss of greenhouse crops. Rain and snow transmitters can be used in railways, tracks, and highways. In northern China, highways or railways in winter encounter severe weather caused by wind and snow. The highway will be closed in heavy rain and snow. Rain and snow sensors can detect weather conditions in time to relevant personnel. Do it in time to close and tell. Avoid traffic accidents caused by weather conditions.

weather monitoring systems
weather monitoring systems

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