Rain and snow sensor


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Rain and Snow Sensor 

The rain and snow sensor is a qualitative measuring device that measures whether there is rain or snowfall outdoors or in nature. It can be widely used in the qualitative measurement of rain and snow in environment, greenhouse, aquaculture, construction, building, etc. It is safe and reliable, beautiful in appearance and convenient to install.

It has high sensitivity and an internal automatic heating mode, which can effectively prevent measurement errors caused by freezing on the surface of the sensor in cold weather.

About – Rain and snow sensor

The sensor is one of the components of the weather monitoring system. It is a device specifically used to measure whether it rains or snows outdoors or in nature. The appearance of this rain sensor is made of high-strength ABS waterproof material, and the protection level is IP68. It senses rain and snow through the spiral metal coil on the top, and has an auto-heating function to avoid surface icing caused by severe cold weather in winter. When in use, an external sound and light alarm can be connected to increase the alarm function. Or use the free cloud platform provided by our company to achieve alarm.

Power Supply 12-24V DC
Output Signal RS485/ Switch
Switch Type Normally open contact
Detection Rain and Snow
Working Environment -20~60℃ 0-95%RH
Temperature when heating function on 10 ℃
Rain and snow sensor use

Rain and snow sensors can be used in greenhouses. In times of frequent heavy rains, after the rain sensor detects the rain information, it links the rain shelter of the greenhouse through the corresponding system and sends a signal to the greenhouse manager at the same time, which can effectively reduce the loss of greenhouse crops.

The sensors can be used on highways or railway tracks. After the rain and snow sensor detects the snowfall, it can upload the data to the cloud platform through the corresponding highway weather station or railway weather station, and cooperate with other sensors to make accurate judgments of the snowfall, and remind you that it is still on the high speed or already on the high speed The driver’s master prepared early.

The sensors can be used in outdoor weather station equipment to provide reference data for meteorological environment monitoring.

Rain and snow sensorsnow sensor



When installing the sensors, keep the sensing surface of the sensor and the horizontal plane at an angle of 15 degrees to prevent the accumulation of rain and snow from affecting the sensor measurement.


The sensor is an instrument that uses the conductive characteristics of rainwater and uses advanced detection circuits to detect whether there is rain or snow.


Rain monitoring: The top of the sensor uses grid electrodes to use the conductivity of water. When rain falls on the sensing area, the electrodes will be short-circuited, so that the device can detect rain.

Snow monitoring: The reason why the sensor can measure the snowfall is that the sensor has an automatic heating function, which can prevent freezing and condensation in the snow, the temperature is lower than 0 ℃ for a long time, and the high humidity environment. And the heating temperature can be set.

Weight N/A
Power Supply

12-24V DC

Output Signal

RS485/ Switch

Switch Type

Normally open contact


rain and snow

Working Environment

-20~60℃ 0-95%RH

Temperature when heating function on

10 ℃


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