Application of wind direction instrument in wind power industry


The wind direction instrument is widely used in wind power generation. The kinetic energy of the wind is transformed into mechanical kinetic energy. Then the mechanical energy is converted into electric kinetic energy. This is wind power. The principle of wind power generation. It uses the wind to drive the windmill blades to rotate. Then increase the speed of rotation through a speed increaser. Prompt the generator to generate electricity.

Although the wind power generation process is extremely environmentally friendly. However, the lack of stability of wind power makes wind power generation more expensive than other energy sources. Therefore, it is necessary to control the wind turbine power generation well. To make it follow the change of wind to obtain the limit power generation and reduce the cost, it is necessary to accurately and timely measure the wind direction and wind speed. In order to control the fan accordingly. In addition, the site selection of wind farms also requires an advance prediction of wind speed and direction in order to provide a reasonable analysis basis. Therefore, the wind speed and direction sensor is used to accurately measure the wind parameters. It is very important in wind power generation.

wind direction instrument
Wind direction sensor

The wind direction sensor detects the rotation of the wind direction arrow. Feel the wind direction information from the outside world. And pass it to the coaxial code disc. A physical device that outputs the relevant value of the corresponding wind direction at the time. Its main body adopts the mechanical structure of the wind vane. When the wind blows towards the tail of the vane. The arrow of the wind vane will point to the direction the wind is blowing. In order to maintain sensitivity to direction. At the same time, different internal mechanisms are used to identify the direction of the wind speed sensor.

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