Carbon dioxide monitor usage scenarios


The concentration of carbon dioxide required for vegetables is generally 1000 to 1500 ppm. Therefore, the carbon dioxide deficit in the plastic greenhouse. Become an important factor affecting vegetable production in plastic greenhouses. The installation of carbon dioxide gas sensors in the plastic greenhouse can ensure timely alarm in the case of insufficient carbon dioxide concentration. Thus using gas fertilizer. Ensure high-quality and high-yield vegetables, edible fungi, flowers, and Chinese medicine. Install carbon dioxide monitors in greenhouse farms. Monitor the concentration of carbon dioxide. When the concentration of carbon dioxide in the farm reaches a certain amount. The exhaust system can be activated to replace fresh air. Provide a good breeding environment for livestock growth.

Carbon dioxide monitor
Carbon dioxide monitor
scenes to be used:

The greenhouse effect brought about by the increase in carbon emissions is quietly affecting people’s living environment. Such as the increase of pests and diseases, the rise of sea level, the abnormal climate, the increase of desertification area and so on. In recent years, the country has also strictly controlled the emission of harmful gases including greenhouse gases. Therefore, it is necessary to monitor the flue gas concentration when discharging industrial waste gas. A carbon dioxide gas sensor detector can be installed in the chimney to detect the concentration of carbon dioxide. Strictly control the concentration of carbon dioxide in the exhaust gas.

Indoor gaseous pollutants are carcinogenic and teratogenic to humans. Microbes in the air are also easy to cause various allergic diseases. Therefore, many indoor places will install air purifiers or fresh air systems to ensure air circulation. Improve comfort. Use carbon dioxide and other detectors that can detect harmful gases in the air. Be able to understand indoor air quality in real time. Provide guarantee for creating a good living environment. The use of carbon dioxide gas detectors can be seen everywhere in our daily life environment. Such as kindergartens, schools, office buildings, shopping malls, supermarkets, stations, hospitals and other public places. Monitoring the concentration of carbon dioxide through a carbon dioxide detector can improve air quality. Thereby improving learning and work efficiency.

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