How does the CO2 sensor work?

The introduction of CO2 sensor

I believe everyone is familiar with co2 sensor. Because it is one of the main components in the air. But the increase in carbon dioxide will not only cause global warming, but also have a great impact on our daily lives. such as in sheds and greenhouses., Too high or too low carbon dioxide will affect the growth of plants or crops; in offices and homes, too high concentrations of carbon dioxide will also affect human health;

When the concentration of carbon dioxide reaches more than 1%, it will make people dizzy; up to 4 ~5%, people will have nausea, vomiting, and breathing difficulties; more than 10%, people will die. Therefore, the co2 sensor measures the indoor air quality. And if there is an abnormality, an alarm. It is triggered or the ventilation system is activated when the limit value. It is exceeded to ensure that the carbon dioxide concentration in the air is within a safe range. So do you know how the carbon dioxide detector works? Let see together.

CO2 sensor
   The working principle of carbon dioxide detector:

  The carbon dioxide gas in the on-site environment is detected by the absorption principle of infrared light source.

Usually, the gas to be measured is sucked into a measurement chamber. And one end of the measurement chamber is equipped with a light source, and the other end is equipped with a filter and a detector. The function of the filter is to allow only a certain wavelength of light to pass through, and the co2 sensor measures Through the luminous flux of the measuring chamber, the luminous flux received by the detector depends on the concentration of the gas to be measured in the environment.

   The co2 sensor adopts a dual-beam, dual-wavelength infrared detector. It makes the instrument more accurate in the detection process, improves the resolution of the instrument, and has strong stability. The instrument has the detection functions of wind carbon dioxide, temperature, etc. The instrument is equipped with a standard gas interface, which can be very convenient for instrument calibration. The instrument has an RS-232 interface that can be connected to a computer for data processing.

Application of CO2 sensor in daily life

   In summary, it is an introduction to the working principle of the carbon dioxide detector. Now that, the requirements for carbon dioxide content in production operations. IT has become more stringent. CO2 sensor have become an indispensable equipment in various industries. And have been widely used in fields such as breeding, agricultural greenhouses, pharmaceuticals, municipal administration, and sewage treatment. Has become an indispensable protective equipment in industrial safety production.

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