The ammonia sensor in the breeding shed


Everyone knows that if the breeding shed is not cleaned for a long time. Poultry manure produces a gas. So this is ammonia. Exist in the breeding shed for a long time. If it is not discharged in time, it will cause certain harm to the poultry itself. Now it’s all scientific breeding. Therefore, many farmers now use scientific methods to raise them. The ammonia sensor will detect the concentration of ammonia online for 24 hours. Once it exceeds the concentration set by the alarm. The ammonia alarm will alarm. Prompt people to take certain measures. Or drive the exhaust fan to exhaust the ammonia gas.

ammonia sensor
ammonia sensor
Ammonia gas sensor

For the long-term existence of NH3 gas in the breeding industry. Jingxun Changtong provides high-quality ammonia detector solutions. It can effectively control and monitor the ammonia in the environment of the breeding site in a timely and accurate manner. Realize high-efficiency and high-profit breeding. Ammonia detector (NH3 detector) JXBS-3001-NH3 has extremely high sensitivity to ammonia. It can detect ammonia as low as 30ppm in the air. It is an ideal refrigerant critical safety detection sensor. It can also be used for ammonia leak detection in the agricultural field. Mainly used in refrigerator gas detection and ammonia leak detection in cold storage. Agriculture and breeding industry ventilation control and other aspects. High sensitivity to ammonia. The later circuit is simple. The ceramic substrate has strong environmental resistance. The response time to low-concentration ammonia gas is extremely short.

Ammonia leak detection in refrigeration systems or agricultural fields, etc. It is an ideal sensor for critical safety applications. When there is ammonia in the air. The conductivity of the sensor depends on the concentration of this ammonia gas. Use a simple pulse circuit that operates with a 250 millisecond cycle voltage. The change in conductivity can be converted into a signal output corresponding to the gas concentration.

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