Brief description of carbon dioxide alarm


The carbon dioxide alarm module is designed with a variety of requirements in mind. Therefore, it is equipped with the above-mentioned multiple output methods. At the same time, the software function may not use all the functions. Therefore, when picking up products for customers who purchase in bulk. Recommend customers according to their own needs. Select some functions appropriately. Thereby reducing costs. Our engineers will follow customer requirements. Stable and safe customized products.

carbon dioxide alarm
carbon dioxide alarm
Carbon dioxide sensor module calibration and selection instructions

High temperature and humidity. Dust, corrosive gas, etc. will seriously affect the accuracy and long-term stability of the module. Therefore, the gas enters the gas chamber before. It must be treated with cooling, dehumidification, dust removal, and filtering. Otherwise, the module may not meet the accuracy requirements. Even affect the service life. The ventilation flow rate is 200 ml/min. Fluctuations in gas flow will affect measurement readings. Therefore, the flow rate should be as stable as possible. During normal use and calibration. All should meet the above requirements.

Air or nitrogen can be used for the lower calibration limit. The upper calibration limit should use a standard gas of known concentration. Before the upper limit of the calibration. Change the standard gas to the standard gas concentration value. There are three calibration methods: 1. Use the display control panel; 2. Use communication commands; 3. If you use the analog voltage output of the module, you can calibrate only on the upper computer.Industrial carbon dioxide sensor QT0485C2A uses infrared detection technology to detect carbon dioxide concentration. It is a maintenance-free, low-cost, easy-to-operate ventilation controller. It is suitable for any environment that needs to detect the concentration of carbon dioxide. QT0485C2A can detect the concentration of carbon dioxide in the ambient air and convert this value into a standard signal output. 0-3V / 4-20mA is easy to cooperate with the system. In real-time ventilation control applications. QT0485C2A can save energy consumption of air conditioning equipment. At the same time, it has the effect of maintaining good indoor air quality.

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