Selection of hydrogen sulfide detector

The hydrogen sulfide detector is a gas detection device that relies on electrochemical sensors to detect the concentration of hydrogen sulfide. It mainly consists of sensors and various other electronic components and display components. When in use, the concentration of hydrogen sulfide is measured by electrochemical sensors. The detection is converted into an electrical signal. And then displayed on the display of the detector through processing, usually in ppm. This type of detector has a pumping type and a diffusion type,. As well as a fixed type and a portable type. We are choosing this type How to choose when testing equipment? Today, I will introduce some options for hydrogen sulfide detectors.

Fixed and portable choice

The fixed hydrogen sulfide detector is fixed in one place for long-term testing. While the portable one is small and can be carried with you to enter various testing sites. The two testing devices are mainly different in use scenarios. When choosing, If we need to detect the safety of the surrounding staff for the safety of the staff, as well as the detection of leaks in various factories and other pipelines, we need to choose a portable hydrogen sulfide detector, and we need a long time, uninterrupted 24 hours To detect the concentration of hydrogen sulfide, we need to use a fixed detector for testing. This type of detector can also transmit data, so that we can easily view the test results without arriving at the site.

Choice of pump and diffuser

The difference between the pumping type and the diffusion type is in the way of detecting gas. The pumping type gas detector has a sampling pump for active detection, while the diffusion type is passive detection through the free flow of gas, so , The pumping type detects the concentration of gas faster, and the detection is faster, especially in some scenarios where the circulation is not good and the gas is easy to deposit, such as some tank areas, pipelines and other confined spaces.

We should first choose pumping Type hydrogen sulfide gas detector for detection, and diffusion type is usually used in various scenarios with good gas circulation. Many imported diffusion hydrogen sulfide detectors on the market can be used with external pumps for detection. Therefore, this The detection equipment can be converted at any time between pumping type and diffusion type, such as the gas detector of the Dräger x-am series.

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