What do you know about explosion-proof gas detectors?

Jingxunchangtong has many types of gas detectors, such as: large LCD screen, wall-mounted, explosion-proof, portable and so on. Let me first introduce to you what are the explosion-proof gas detectors. If you want to know other forms of detectors, you can click on the GAS DETECTOR to view.

The explosion-proof gas sensor is specially developed for some harsh environments. Cast aluminum explosion-proof enclosure. The probe is placed in a special metal probe compartment, and the electrical part is isolated from the probe.
Use professionally tested gas concentration sensor probe as the core detection device. It has a wide measuring range, high precision and good linearity. Good versatility, easy to use, easy to install. Long transmission distance, moderate price and medium characteristics.

Explosion-proof sulfur dioxide sensor

This product adopts high-sensitivity gas detection probe, with stable signal, high precision, fast response and long life. It has the characteristics of wide measuring range, good linearity, easy to use, easy to install, and long transmission distance. Note that the sensor is used for air detection, and the customer should test in the application environment to ensure that the sensor meets the requirements.
SO2 measurement range: 0-20ppm/0-2000ppm;
Measurement method: electrochemical probe;
Response time: less than 30 seconds;
Power supply: 12V-24VDC.
If you need other parameters, please consult customer service to answer your questions.

Explosion-proof ozone sensor
O3 measuring range: 0-10ppm/0-100ppm;
Measurement method: electrochemical probe;
Response time: generally less than 15 seconds;
Warranty period: 2 years for the host and 1 year for the gas probe.

Explosion-proof ozone sensor
Explosion-proof ozone sensor

There are many explosion-proof gas sensors, such as hydrogen sulfide, methane, chlorine, hydrogen, hydrogen sulfide, hydrogen chloride, VOC, ammonia, nitrogen monoxide, nitrogen dioxide, phosphine and so on.
The explosion-proof sensor adopts wall-mounted installation and can be fixed by three 8.5mm fixing holes. The customer can use expansion screws or bolts to fix it.

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