Ozone sensor to ensure that the industrial ozone concentration does not exceed the standard

The role of ozone

Ozone is considered to be the most comprehensive, safest and most effective substance among known fungicides. It has new functions of sterilization, detoxification, cancer prevention and local oxygen repair. The ability of ozone bacteria is 600 times that of antibiotics. 1000 times that of alcohol, 3000 times that of chlorine and ultraviolet light. Tens of thousands of times of Chinese herbal medicine. And it has no side effects and no drug resistance. It is a good substitute for antibiotics. Ozone sensor can effectively monitor ozone concentration.

Take the food processing workshop as an example:

Food processing workshops have relatively low requirements for ozone concentration, just 2.5ppm. However, different stored foods have different requirements for ozone concentration. A certain concentration of ozone can ensure the effect of disinfection. However, if the ozone concentration in the workshop is too high, it will cause harm to the workers’ health. Therefore, special attention should be paid to the ozone concentration in the workshop to control it within a reasonable range. The ozone concentration must be monitored in real time, and the best way is to install an ozone sensors in the food processing workshop.

Monitor ozone sensor her point

The ozone sensor uses a highly sensitive gas detection probe, which has the characteristics of high sensitivity and high monitoring accuracy. Its shell is waterproof and wall-mounted. It can be fixed to the wall with just a few expansion screws, and the installation is very simple. In order to facilitate workers to view the concentration of ozone in real time, users can choose an ozone sensor with an OLED display. The monitored value will be displayed on the display. This kind of display is bright and clear, and it is very clear at night. Workers can know the concentration of ozone in the workshop by looking up while they are working.

Ozone sensor application

The ozone sensor monitors the food workshop to ensure that the ozone concentration in the workshop is within a safe value. Protect the quality of food and the personal safety of workers. It can also improve economic efficiency and improve the management level of managers. In addition, the ozone sensor can be divided into 485 type and analog quantity type according to the output type. It is used in addition to the food industry. It can also be widely used in livestock and poultry breeding, aquaculture, pharmaceuticals, medical care and other industries.

ozone sensor
ozone sensor

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