Function of SO2 gas leak detector


Sulfur dioxide (SO2) is a colorless transparent gas, is a toxic gas with a pungent odor. Can accelerate the corrosion process of most metals.
In the presence of PM2.5, sulfite is dissolved in the solution, under which conditions sulfite is oxidized and then converted to sulfuric acid. In the traditional sense, this is the origin of acid rain.
China is the world’s largest producer and consumer of coal. So the air pollution caused by sulfur dioxide is very serious. The amount of sulfur dioxide in the atmosphere in some areas exceeds 60 percent of environmental capacity. Therefore, SO2 gas leaks must be monitored. SO2 gas leaks can be monitored by using an SO2 gas leak detector.

SO2 gas leak detector
Introduction and function of SO2 gas leak detector:

SO2 gas detector is equipped with imported electrochemical sensor, which is a portable detection and alarm equipment focusing on the detection of SO2 concentration in the air.
The SO2 gas leakage detector has the functions of high definition LCD and sound, light and vibration alarm. To ensure the detection of gas content in harsh working environment. Can timely alarm, prompt operators to prevent.
SO2 gas leak detector can be widely used in petroleum and petrochemical, metallurgy, environmental protection, gas, fire, municipal, chemical, shipbuilding, electric power, process control, sewage treatment, emergency rescue monitoring and other industries in the concentration of SO2 gas detection.

  1. Small size, portable and light, strong, audio sound, sound and light alarm prompt;
  2. Large screen digital display, instantaneous value, peak value and average value prompt;
  3. Self-check the display, battery, sensor, sound and light vibration alarm function when starting or needed;
  4. Safety tips: regular flashing and sound prompt;
  5. With the function of storing 200,000 records, support data report generation and printing function;
  6. Can support 1-4 kinds of gas real-time detection;

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