What is a portable dissolved oxygen meter

Portable dissolved oxygen meter introduction:

Portable dissolved oxygen meter is an instrument for measuring oxygen content in water made on the basis of electrochemical principle. The electrochemistry principle is that a REDOX reaction will occur at two different metal electrodes in an oxygen-containing electrolyte solution to be measured. The resulting diffusion current and the oxygen concentration in the solution is a certain relationship.

Some instruments use polarography in voltammetry. After applying voltage to the working electrode in the solution, the current generated on the polarogram is in a certain relationship with the concentration of the measured substance in the solution.

The dissolved oxygen electrode can be used to measure the dissolved oxygen content in the sample aqueous solution. Because dissolved oxygen is one of the main indicators of water quality, dissolved oxygen electrode can be widely used in various situations to measure dissolved oxygen content. In particular, aquaculture water, photosynthesis and respiration and field measurements.

Portable dissolved oxygen meter

Biochemical Oxygen demand testing (BOD) is performed when assessing the ability of streams and lakes to support life. Samples containing organic matter that consume oxygen are measured as they decay in aqueous solution. The relationship between the concentration of dissolved oxygen and the temperature of sample aqueous solution was determined. Its measurement range :0~5, 10, 20 mg/L, accuracy ±3%~±5%, response time about 30~120 s. There are two main categories: on-line continuous monitoring and laboratory instrumentation.

Portable dissolved oxygen meter features:

0~40℃, automatic temperature compensation, temperature level will have a certain impact on water quality monitoring, such as high precision requirements, the impact is greater, temperature compensation can reduce the impact.

Hd large screen display, large viewing Angle, clear handwriting, moderate character size, can clearly cope with the backlight and high light during the day environment, quickly view the value, accurate data.

Large storage, data export function, fast response, easy to carry.

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