Portable soil sensors can monitor soil parameters


Compared with the traditional agricultural planting in the past. In modern agricultural planting, people often use a variety of advanced instruments and equipment to detect the various conditions of soil information. And the appearance of portable soil sensor, so that people can detect the content of various substances in the soil anytime and anywhere. So as to meet the high demand for the timeliness of the analysis results.

Development of portable soil sensor Purpose:

The use of portable soil sensors, the purpose is to use the instrument can quickly and accurately determine the value of the content of various matter intelligence contained in the soil. The quantity of various substances in soil is used to measure the nutrient absorption of plants and determine whether measures need to be taken for plant growth. And soil in different areas contains different content of material components. In addition, soil testing is not only used in field soil testing, plant nutrition diagnosis and fertilization diagnosis, but also has important guiding significance for field production. In soil testing and fertilizer formulation, the measured values of soil nutrients and the results of field trials determine what fertilizer to use? The amount of money is the main basis for the formulation and fertilization measures.

Portable soil sensor

Advantages of using portable soil sensors:

Portable soil sensors are compact in design, waterproof and shockproof. Not affected by strong light, humidity, darkness and other environmental factors. So that technicians can accurately detect nitrate, ammonia, phosphorus, potassium, magnesium, calcium, iron, copper, carbonate, chloride and other soil nutrients in the field anytime and anywhere. Thus improve the test speed, enhance mobile service capabilities. It is widely used in agricultural planting, fruit tree base, vineyard, intelligent planting and other places where soil moisture content needs to be tested.

There are many kinds of soil in China, and the fertility level varies greatly. Therefore, it is necessary to test the contents of various nutrients in the soil through sampling analysis. Determine the availability of different nutrients in soils of different soil types and production areas. Provide basic data for formula fertilization. So the portable soil sensor is a very practical intelligent agricultural equipment.


1, plug and test

No time to wait, insert into the soil for 5 seconds stable display value;

2, backlight display, simple operation

Backlight display, dark light display value clearly visible, plug and measure, simple operation, no reagent.

3, No.7 battery power supply, durable and easy to replace

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