Portable water quality analyzer protects health


With the gradual improvement and maturity of water quality monitoring technology. Water quality monitoring technology has become the focus of environmental protection management departments on the water quality in the area under their jurisdiction. The main means of real-time monitoring of water body conditions. Conventional laboratory sampling and testing techniques have been unable to obtain accurate information on water pollution in the first time. Moreover, the analysis speed is slow, the operation is complicated, and the stability is poor. Especially for additional medicines, it will cause secondary pollution. Water pollution has become the sword of Damocles hanging over the public. Facing increasingly severe water pollution. Water quality safety has also become the most concerned issue of people. Water safety is the most concerned issue in people’s daily life. It will directly affect people’s health. Jingxun Changtong portable water quality analyzer. It can quickly detect the concentration of dissolved oxygen, PH, chlorophyll, etc. in the water. It is widely used in factories, waterworks, sewage treatment, aquaculture and other places. Real-time monitoring to ensure the safety of water quality. Provide a basis for water pollution treatment.

Portable water quality analyzer
Portable water quality analyzer
Functions of the water quality parameter rapid measurement platform:

1. Plug and measure data real-time display-put the sensor in the water for a few seconds to display the measurement results, simple and convenient, low measurement cost, fast measurement speed.

2. Rich man-machine interface-a full-color interface designed based on new embedded ideas. It can query, record, and display the connected sensor data in real time.

3. Large-size display and large-capacity storage-we can store 200,000 pieces of data. You can adjust the setting time interval to do data recording. The setting range is [5 seconds to 24 hours]. The corresponding data can be viewed according to the date and time.

4. Automatic alarm elimination, backlight power saving-when the detected value exceeds the alarm value set by the user. The device will alarm and remind in time. The alarm can be eliminated by pressing the alarm elimination key; when the user is not using this equipment, press the backlight key. Can save equipment power.

5. One-click data export is convenient and quick-you can connect the D-type data interface connector (DB9) to USB to store the data on the computer and generate reports.

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