The influence of dissolved oxygen meter portable on aquaculture


The respiration of fish depends on the dissolved oxygen content in the water. If the oxygen content in the water is too low, fish will not grow normally. Farm fish in water with the dissolved oxygen content required for suitable growth. Fish eat well, grow fast, and have high feed utilization. When the dissolved oxygen is low, the feeding and growth of fish will be affected to a certain extent. If the dissolved oxygen is extremely low, the fish will suffocate and die. The dissolved oxygen meter portable can accurately monitor the dissolved oxygen of the water quality. Provide a suitable growth environment for the growth of fish.

dissolved oxygen meter portable
dissolved oxygen meter portable
product description

The portable dissolved oxygen meter is specially designed for the convenience of users to carry to the scene. The portable dissolved oxygen detector uses a highly sensitive waterproof probe. Dissolved oxygen, warming and replenishing in one. Probes are divided into extremely popular probes. Fluorescence probe. Among them, the fluorescence method of dissolved oxygen meter does not require membrane replacement, frequent calibration, and long-term maintenance-free. Responsive. The portable dissolved oxygen detector has an automatic temperature compensation function. 0~40°C automatic compensation, the temperature will have a certain influence on the measurement. If the accuracy requirements are higher, the impact will be greater.

Temperature compensation can reduce this effect. High-definition large-screen display: intuitive data display, large viewing angle. The handwriting is clear and the character size is moderate. It can clearly cope with backlight and high-light daytime use. Quickly check the value, and the data is accurate. Portable dissolved oxygen analyzers are widely used in agriculture, industry, power plants, petrochemicals, metallurgical electronics, and aquaculture. Scientific research in the fields of biological fermentation, medical treatment, food and beverage, and environmental protection water treatment. volume_upcontent_copyshare

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