soil moisture detector makes agriculture more water-saving


Soil moisture detector is also called soil moisture monitor or tube soil detector. It can dynamically observe the soil moisture content and temperature at different levels. It can effectively realize the layered measurement of soil. It is convenient for managers to supplement all levels of nutrients in real time based on the detection data. To increase agricultural production. Achieve efficient production. It is widely used in garden irrigation, soil moisture, geological testing and other places that need to detect soil moisture, drought information or need to detect weather in real time. Stable and reliable, universal and malleable. It helps to improve the environmental monitoring level of precision agriculture.

soil moisture detector
soil moisture detector

From the perspective of crop water requirements, we have such a misunderstanding. It is believed that more irrigation can ensure the yield and quality. but it is not the truth. Irrigation itself is to meet the needs of different growth periods of crops. Master the water requirements of different growth periods of crops. Irrigate crops accurately and on demand. From this perspective, agriculture itself does not need so much water. According to the water demand of the crops. Irrigation is sufficient to meet the needs of crops. This can also save water to the utmost extent. Jingxun Changtong Smart Soil Meter can detect soil moisture at different levels in real time. Analyze multiple parameters such as soil moisture content, saturated moisture content, and effective water storage capacity at different levels. Tubular soil moisture monitor can be used for soil moisture monitoring. Agricultural greenhouses, pastoral irrigation, scientific research. Scenes such as water conservancy projects.

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