Water quality conductivity sensor measures water salinity


When you want to identify water quality, one of the most important measurement measures you can take is to test the salinity of the water. Salinity refers to the amount of salt dissolved in water. This measurement is usually expressed as a percentage or one-thousandth. To obtain this measurement, you must measure the conductivity of the water. This can be done with the Jingxun Unblocked Water Conductivity Sensor. The water conductivity sensor can help you obtain a salinity measurement. They measure the conductivity of water, which is the degree to which water passes current. Since the conductivity reading focuses on the total dissolved solids that can be found in the water, a high conductivity reading also indicates a high salinity measurement.

Water quality conductivity sensor
Water quality conductivity sensor
Water quality conductivity sensor application

There are many benefits to testing the salinity of water. However, the exact benefits depend on the industry you work in. As mentioned earlier, measuring the salinity of water is very important in estuaries and seawater where fresh water and seawater are mixed. Because each aquatic organism needs different salinity levels to survive.

Therefore, if you want to ensure that different bodies of water can accommodate biological species living in the water. It is necessary to test the salinity of the Water quality conductivity sensor. Aquatic organisms found in seawater can live in water with a salinity of up to 40ppt.

On the other hand, organisms that require freshwater to survive generally cannot survive in water with a salinity of more than 1 ppt. Remember, salinity also determines the amount of oxygen dissolved in the water. When the salinity increases, the solubility of oxygen decreases, which means that the amount of oxygen dissolved in the water will decrease. For many aquatic organisms, dissolved oxygen is a necessary condition for survival. Compared with oxygen in fresh water, the solubility of oxygen in seawater is about 20% lower.

Therefore, the water quality conductivity detector is very important in water quality monitoring. It can be used not only for the measurement of salinity in water, but also for monitoring the conductivity of water such as domestic sewage and industrial wastewater.

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