The importance of portable dissolved oxygen meter to aquaculture


Dissolved oxygen (DO) refers to the amount of oxygen dissolved in water. DO also refers to how much oxygen is available to aquatic organisms. For this reason, the level of dissolved oxygen in a river or lake has a great influence on the quality of the water. Because aquatic organisms (and humans) depend on dissolved oxygen in water, dissolved oxygen monitoring of water quality is essential. We can monitor the dissolved oxygen in the water through the dissolved oxygen sensor to ensure that the dissolved oxygen in the water is within an appropriate range. Let’s talk about the advantages of portable dissolved oxygen meter.

The role of portable dissolved oxygen meter

Monitoring dissolved oxygen in aquaculture is another key area. Monitoring the dissolved oxygen with a dissolved oxygen detector can prevent fish deaths. Fish death refers to the death of a large number of fish. Is it in part of the body of water or the entire body of water. Low levels of dissolved oxygen usually lead to fish deaths.

portable dissolved oxygen meter
portable dissolved oxygen meter

Although they can happen for many reasons. When there are too many aquatic organisms, the water body is likely to be overproduced. Or the consumption rate of dissolved oxygen exceeds the rate of replenishment. This often happens when large algal blooms die. Fish death is more likely to occur in eutrophic lakes. These lakes have high nutrient concentrations, especially nitrogen and phosphorus. These high nutrient levels encourage algae blooms. At first this will cause a jump in the dissolved oxygen level. However, more organisms ultimately means more breathing. Algae need dissolved oxygen to breathe, and when they die, they decompose. Bacteria make this happen, and they consume any available dissolved oxygen. The result is that anoxic or anoxic water bodies cannot support most aquatic organisms.

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