Soil sensor EC PH NPK Moisture Temperature(7 in 1)tester


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7 in 1 Soil Sensor EC PH NPK Moisture Temperature Integrated Meter

Our soil sensors are used for soil npk, ph, ec, temp and humidity measurement with high accuracy, fast response speed and stable output. Long-term buried in the soil, resistant to long-term electrolysis, corrosion resistance, vacuum potting, completely waterproof.

This integrated soil nutrient sensor can simultaneously measure soil moisture, electrical conductivity, temperature, nitrogen, phosphorus, potassium, and pH 7 elements. It can measure the soil condition of fixed area for a long time at a low price. The signal is stable. Factory direct sales, reliable quality assurance.


1: High precision agriculture sensors, rapid response, good exchange ability
2: Good tightness, corrosion resistance, the soil tester can be used in the soil for a long time.
3: Flame retardant epoxy resin curing, completely waterproof, the soil tester can withstand strong external impact.
4: Steel needles are made of high quality materials that can with stand long-term electrolysis , acid and alkali corrosion in soil.

Soil Tester Application:

Soil multi-in-one sensor can be widely used in water-saving irrigation, greenhouse, flowers and vegetables, grass and pasture, soil rapid detection, plant cultivation, sewage treatment, precision agriculture and other occasions.

Integrated Soil Sensor Parameters
Power Supply 12-24V DC
Output Singal RS485/4G/NB-IoT/LORA
Protection level IP68
Temperature measuring range -45℃-115℃
Moisture measuring range 0-100%RH
PH measuring range 3-9PH
NPK measuring range 0-1999mg/kg
EC measuring range 0-10000us/cm
Temperature precision ±0.5℃
Moisture precision ±3% in 0-53% range;
±5% in 53-100% range
PH precision ±0.3PH
NPK precision 2% F.s
EC Resolution 10us/cm
Response time <1s

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