Soil moisture tachymeter – Soil moisture detector



Product description

Soil moisture tachymeteris a sensor developed by our company for rapid detection of soil composition. The e shape of the soil meter is hand-held design, which is convenient for users to carry. The material is stainless steel, with good corrosion resistance and toughness. Our soil moisture tester is widely used in farmland production, soil research, greenhouse planting, orchard nursery, horticulture planting, tree planting, pot and other fields.

Soil moisture tester can accurately detect and display various soil components in real time, such as soil temperature and humidity, soil conductivity, soil pH and so on. Soil composition index plays a very important role in crop growth. Our soil moisture meter can accurately detect various components in the soil, and improve the soil through detection data to achieve the purpose of monitoring plant nutrient supply, so that crops are in the best living environment, so as to improve the yield.

Product Features:

1. Hand-held design, small size, light weight, easy to carry.
2, soil composition real-time monitoring, can detect a variety of organic components in the soil.
3, the price is cheap, the operation steps are few, the measurement speed is fast, without reagent, the detection times is not limited.
4. This battery-powered hygrometer is made of stainless steel for durability. The LCD digital display makes it suitable for a variety of media, such as soil or compost.
5, probe insertion design, to ensure accurate measurement, reliable performance.

Product details

Matters needing attention:

1. The probe must be in full contact with the soil and compacted to ensure the accuracy of the data.
2, soil moisture meter only tests soil and soil, not suitable for dry flour, small stones, organic wood chips, liquid particles, etc.
3. In order to improve the accuracy of the test results, please use a multi-directional method to point the test and the average value during the test.
4, when using pay attention not to touch the test point of the stone, also do not force too hard, otherwise easy to damage the electrode. Should not be inserted in the soil for a long time, easy to oxidize.
5. After the measurement, clean the soil on the surface of the probe with gauze in time to keep the probe dry.


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