Portable carbon monoxide detector – CO gas detector


Portable carbon monoxide detector Introduction

Portable carbon monoxide detector is a gas detector developed by JXCT for the convenience of users to detect the concentration of CO gas anytime and anywhere. It is made of ABS engineering plastic shell, high quality sensor, highly sensitive probe, accurate measurement results, fast reaction speed. The CO detector also has multiple alarm function, timely reminder, high safety. Widely used in industrial workshop testing, indoor testing, limited space testing, Dapeng testing, etc.

Portable carbon monoxide detector

Portable carbon monoxide detector Features

1, high quality sensor, highly sensitive probe

Responsive, fast response, accurate measurement.

2. Mechanical principle, humanized design

Anti-slip design based on the principle of human mechanics, let us ensure the sensitivity and accuracy of the product under the premise of strengthening the comfort of the human body, so that the product in line with human operating habits.

3. 200,000 pieces of data storage/Large capacity

One key export/quick and convenient, can enter the menu to view, can browse/delete records.

4, lithium battery power supply lasting

Rechargeable lithium battery, large battery capacity, long standby time, support for mobile power supply.

5, multiple alarm function over the limit

When the detected gas is more than the set gas value, the sensor opens the light alarm, high decibel buzzes, the instrument is marked red, timely reminder, high safety.

Portable carbon monoxide detector Parameters

Detection gas: carbon monoxide

Carbon monoxide measurement method: electrochemistry

Charging time: ≤8H (standard)

Display error: ≤ soil 3%F.S

Explosion-proof mark: EXIA II CT6

Recovery time: ≤30S

Protection level: IP65

Response time: T90<30s

Operating humidity: ≤95%RH No condensation

Linearity: ≤ sh 2

Repeatability: ≤ 2

Operating temperature: -20°C~50°C

Power supply: 3.6V DC, 1500mAh (standard) lithium battery

Communication mode: USB (charging and communication)

Data store: The storage function is not configured by default. You can customize the storage function for 15000 or 200,000 data stores

CO gas detector


Portable CO gas detector easily handle a variety of application environments, suitable for gas storage leakage monitoring, food factory, greenhouse detection, workshop disinfection residue detection, gas leakage, indoor air gas detection.



Carbon monoxide is a carbon-oxygen compound with a chemical formula of CO. It is usually a colorless, odorless, and tasteless gas. At the same time, it is toxic. Higher concentrations can cause people to have different levels of symptoms of poisoning, harm the human brain, heart, liver, kidney, lung, and other tissues, and even death by electric shock. The minimum lethal concentration of human inhalation is 5000 ppm (5 minutes).


Carbon monoxide is an atmospheric pollutant. It is the most abundant and widely distributed in the atmosphere. It is the product of incomplete combustion of carbonaceous materials such as coal and petroleum.


Coking, ironmaking, and other production processes in the metallurgical industry

Synthetic ammonia, methanol, and other production processes in the chemical industry

Mine blasting and coal mine gas explosion accidents

Exhaust emissions from vehicles and other vehicles

Incomplete combustion of fuel in the boiler

Gas or liquefied gas pipeline leaks from coal stoves in family rooms, natural disasters such as volcanic eruptions, forest fires, earthquakes, etc.


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