Infrared NO module – NDIR Nitric Oxide gas sensor


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Infrared NO gas sensor

Infrared NO gas sensor is a gas sensor that uses non-dispersive infrared absorption detection principle (NDIR) to measure nitric oxide concentration.  nitric oxide sensors can be divided into two types: pump type and diffusion type. The light source imported from abroad, optical cavity with special structure and double channel detector are adopted.

The gas sensor combines advanced optical path, precision circuit and intelligent software. The nitric oxide sensor has the characteristics of NDIR products, such as good selectivity, high sensitivity, no oxygen dependence and long life. It is suitable for intelligent buildings, ventilation systems, controllers, robots, automobiles and other applications.

Infrared NO gas sensor

Infrared NO gas sensor Features

*Adopt imported components, with stable performance and small fluctuation;

* With long life, low cost, high precision and good long-term stability;

*The sensor adopts multi-point calibration, with strong linearity and good repeatability, and small error;

*Built-in temperature sensor with temperature compensation;

*With heating function, it can be used in low temperature environment;

* Compatible with a variety of output signals, such as analog voltage, analog current, UART and RS485 output;

*The gas type, range and accuracy grade can be customized according to user requirements.

Infrared NO gas sensor parameters

Measurement range: 0-5000/0-10000ppm

resolution: 1ppm

accuracy: 5%F. S(25°C)

Response time: <30S(diffusing type), <15S(pumping type)

Preheating time: <5min(25°C)

Accuracy: <8min(25°C)

Operating voltage: 9-24V DC

Average power consumption: <60mA

Operating humidity: 0~95%RH(non-condensation)

Operating temperature: -10~75°C, maximum temperature 80°C

Storage temperature: -20~60°C

Infrared light source band: 2-14μm

NO sensor


It can be widely used for HVAC, fresh air control, indoor air quality monitoring, production process monitoring in agriculture and animal husbandry

Can be installed in smart buildings / ventilation systems / controllers wall-mounted use / robots /cars and other applications.


What is nitric oxide gas?

Nitric oxide, which is an inorganic compound, has the chemical formula NO, which is a nitrogen-oxygen compound with a nitrogen valence of +2. At normal temperature and pressure, it is colorless gas, slightly soluble in water, soluble in ethanol and carbon disulfide.

What is the NO sensor?

The NO sensor is an instrument used to detect nitric oxide concentrations and usually has an alarm function.


Infrared NO gas sensor Introduction Manual

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