Infrared CH4 module – NDIR methane gas sensor

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Infrared CH4 gas sensor

Infrared CH4 gas sensor is a methane gas sensor module using (NDIR) non-dispersed infrared technology. Built-in temperature sensor for temperature compensation. The advanced optical path, precision circuit and intelligent software are combined to form a universal NDIR methane gas sensor. The infrared CH4 gas sensor has good selectivity, high sensitivity, no oxygen dependence, long life and low power consumption.

Infrared CH4 gas sensor

Infrared CH4 gas sensor Features

1. Large range monitoring

The good selectivity of the product makes up for the shortcomings of traditional electrochemical sensors in the selection of high range test range.

2, not afraid of harsh environment

Using imported infrared light source and double channel pyroelectric measurement, and can automatically carry out temperature compensation function, even in the harsh temperature and environmental conditions, can also get stable and reliable measurement results. High temperature resistance (80°C), suitable for coal mine, oil field, chemical industry and other types of flue gas environment.

3. No significant life time limit

NDIR gas sensor has no obvious consumption compared with traditional electrochemical sensor. The electrolyte on the sensor will not be depleted due to long-term exposure to target gas or interference gas crossing, and the service life is long.

Infrared CH4 gas sensor parameters

Methane measurement range: 0-100000ppm (default)

measurement resolution: 1ppm

measurement accuracy: 5%F.S(25°C)

Response time: < 30S (25°C)

Preheating time: < 1min(25°C)

Accuracy: <3min(25°C)

Operating voltage: 9-24V DC

Average power consumption: <60mA

Operating humidity: 0~95%RH(non-condensation)

Operating temperature: -10~60°C

Storage temperature: -20~70°C

Infrared light source band: 2~14 μm

CH4 gas sensor

CH4 gas sensor use

This IoT CH4 sensor has a wide range of applications, suitable for underground pipe corridors, underground parking lots, public toilets, garages, workshops, chemical plants, greenhouse farms, and other occasions where real-time monitoring of CH4 concentration is required.


What is CH4 sensor?

A CH4 sensor is a device that measures the concentration of CH4 in the environment, usually with an alarm function. Once the concentration exceeds the limit, it will alarm.

What type of sensor is used to detect CH4 gas?

According to different use environments, there are usually three types: wall-mounted CH 4sensor, portable methane detector, and fixed methane detector.

How to calibrate the CH4 sensor?

Our CH4 sensor has been calibrated before leaving the factory and can be used directly after installation without secondary calibration.

How to obtain the manual of the CH4 sensor?

To protect the patented technical parameters, please contact us for a manual.




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