Electrochemical O2 gas sensor – Oxygen gas sensor


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Electrochemical O2 gas sensor Introduction

Electrochemical O2 gas sensor is an oxygen gas sensor that uses electrochemical detection principle to detect the concentration of oxygen gas in various environments. gas sensors are highly sought after due to their lower power requirements, lower detection limits, and less direct influence from interfering gases. It has the characteristics of low power consumption, high precision, high sensitivity, fast response speed, wide linear range and strong anti-interference ability. Oxygen sensor is widely suitable for industrial, mine and environmental oxygen detection.

Electrochemical O2 gas sensor

Electrochemical O2 gas sensor Features

1, small size, light weight

The machine is compact in size, light in weight and easy to install. It can be used in portable, fixed, pipe type and other appearance sensors.

2. High-performance chip

Breakthrough process technology, three electrode structure design product performance significantly improved.

3, temperature compensation function

Built-in temperature compensation function, factory accurate calibration, direct use, no need to use again calibration.

4, high resolution sensitivity

Variable gain amplifier circuit, strong anti-interference ability, the product into the gas detection environment, response speed is fast, after leaving back to zero speed is very fast.

Electrochemical O2 gas sensor Parameters

Detection gas: Oxygen

Model: JEC – O2

Range: 0-30% (default)

Resolution: 0.1%

Response time: T90≤15s

Detection principle: electrochemistry

Accuracy: ≤ reading soil 3% (25°C)

Operating voltage: 5V 2%

Output signal: TTL/ analog voltage/analog current /RS485/RS232

Life expectancy: 1 year

Operating environment: -10~50°C 15%~90%RH Atm 10%

Cross interference: None

Power consumption: 0.2 W or less

Oxygen gas sensor

oxygen sensor use:

This oxygen sensor is suitable for warehouses, workshops, chemical plants, greenhouse farms, closed living places, and other occasions that require real-time monitoring of oxygen concentration.


What is oxygen?

Oxygen is a kind of elemental form of oxygen element, chemical formula O2, its chemical properties are relatively active, and most of the elements can react with oxygen. It is not very active at room temperature and does not interact easily with many substances. But at high temperature, it is very active, can directly combine with a variety of elements, which is related to the fact that oxygen atom is second only to fluorine in electronegativity.

What is an O2 sensor?

An O2 sensor is an electronic device that measures the proportion of oxygen (O2 gas or liquid present in the analysis).
The most common application is to measure the concentration of oxygen in the exhaust gas of internal combustion engines in vehicles such as automobiles, in order to calculate and, if necessary, dynamically adjust the air-fuel ratio so that the catalytic converter can operate optimally, and also to determine whether the converter is operating properly. Divers also use similar equipment to measure the partial pressure of oxygen in breathing gases.

Scientists use oxygen sensors to measure respiration or oxygen production, and use another method. Oxygen sensors are used in oxygen analyzers and are widely used in medical applications such as anesthesia monitors, respirators and oxygen concentrators.

What are the common types of oxygen sensors?

Electrochemical oxygen sensor, fluorescent oxygen sensor, zirconia oxygen sensor.

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