Electrochemical C2H4O gas sensor – Ethylene oxide gas sensor


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Electrochemical C2H4O gas sensor Introduction

Electrochemical C2H4O gas sensor is an ethylene oxide sensor developed by using the principle of electrochemical detection. gas sensor adopts three-electrode structure design, built-in high-precision ethylene oxide sensor, through the circuit to the ethylene oxide gas concentration signal output to the customer’s digital signal.

It has the characteristics of low power consumption, high precision, high sensitivity, wide linear range, strong anti-interference ability, excellent repeatability and stability. Widely used in industry, environmental protection and other fields of ethylene oxide gas detection.

Electrochemical C2H4O gas sensor

Electrochemical C2H4O gas sensor Features

1, small size, light weight

The machine is compact in size, light in weight and easy to install. It can be used in portable, fixed, pipe type and other appearance sensors.

2. High-performance chip

Breakthrough process technology, three electrode structure design product performance significantly improved.

3, temperature compensation function

Built-in temperature compensation function, factory accurate calibration, direct use, no need to use again calibration.

4, high resolution sensitivity

Variable gain amplifier circuit, strong anti-interference ability, the product into the gas detection environment, response speed is fast, after leaving back to zero speed is very fast.

Electrochemical C2H4O gas sensor Parameters

Detection gas: ethylene oxide

Model: JEC – C2H4O

C2H4O Measurement range: 0-100(default)/0-500ppm(optional)

C2H4O resolution: 1ppm

Detection principle: electrochemistry

C2H4O measurement accuracy: ≤±3% reading (25℃)

Response time: T90≤15S

Operating temperature: -10-50℃

Equipment operating humidity: 15-90%RH

Power consumption: 0.2 W or less

Ethylene oxide gas sensor

Product application scope

It is widely used in the production and installation of portable and fixed gas detector. And a variety of gas detection occasions and equipment.


What is ethylene oxide?

Ethylene oxide, an organic compound with the chemical formula C₂H₄O, is a toxic carcinogen previously used to make fungicides. Ethylene oxide is flammable and explosive, not easy to transport long distance, so there is a strong regional. It is widely used in washing, pharmaceutical, printing and dyeing industries. It can be used as starting agent for cleaning agent in chemical industry.

What is an ethylene oxide gas sensor?

Ethylene oxide sensor is suitable for all kinds of environment and special environment of volatile organic compounds ethylene oxide gas concentration and leakage, hazardous site operation safety has a warning role, this instrument adopts the electrochemical sensor and microcontroller technology imported, with stable signal, high precision, good repeatability and other advantages.

What are the uses of ethylene oxide?

Most of the ethylene oxide is used to make other chemicals, mainly ethylene glycol. The main end use of ethylene glycol is the production of polyester polymer, also used as automotive coolant and antifreeze. Secondly, it is used to produce ethoxy compounds, ethanolamine, ethylene glycol ether, ethylamine, diethylene glycol, triethylene glycol, polyethylene glycol, hydroxyethyl cellulose, choline chloride, glyoxal, ethylene carbonate and other downstream products. Ethylene OXIDE IS mainly used IN the manufacture of ethylene glycol (polyester fiber raw material), synthetic detergent, non-ionic surfactant, antifreeze, emulsifier and ethylene glycol products, also used in the production of plasticizers, lubricants, rubber and plastics.

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