Electrochemical H2S gas sensor – Hydrogen Sulfide gas sensor


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Electrochemical H2S gas sensor Introduction

Electrochemical H2S gas sensor A gas sensor that identifies the chemical parameters of hydrogen sulfide gas with a conduction system based on the principle of electrochemical detection. H2S sensor is mainly used for the detection of hydrogen sulfide gas concentration in the air. Electrochemical H2S gas sensor can be used effectively in a variety of demanding applications, including chemical industry, steel industry, etc.

Hydrogen sulfide sensor has the characteristics of low power consumption, high precision, high sensitivity, wide linear range and strong anti-interference ability.

Electrochemical H2S gas sensor


1. The whole machine is small in size, light in weight, waterproof, explosion-proof and shock-proof;

2. High precision, high resolution and fast response;

3. The upper and lower limits of the alarm can be set arbitrarily, with zero and target calibration functions, built-in temperature compensation, and easy maintenance;

4. Imported electrochemical sensor, with good anti-interference performance and long service life;

5. Adopt advanced microprocessor technology, fast response speed, high measurement accuracy, good stability and repeatability;


Gas detected: hydrogen sulfide

Model: JEC – H2S

Range: 0-100 (default) / 0-1000ppm (optional)

Resolution: 0.1ppm

Response time: T90≤15s

Detection principle: electrochemistry

Accuracy: ≤ reading soil 3% (25°C)

Operating voltage “5V Shi 2%

Output signal: TTL/ analog voltage/analog current /RS485/RS232

Life expectancy: 1 year

Operating environment: -10~50°C 15%~90%RH Atm 10%

Cross interference: CO, CO, SO, NO2, CH4, etc

Power consumption: ≤ 0.2W

H2S gas sensor

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Hydrogen sulfide is a colorless, odorous, flammable gas, which is irritating and suffocating, it is harmful to the human body. Renke hydrogen sulfide sensor adopts electrochemical principle, which is sensitive in response and strong in anti-interference ability. In order to meet the requirements of different places, we provide four types: wall-mounted H2S sensors, duct type H2S sensors, portable H2S detectors and fixed H2S detectors.


What is hydrogen sulfide gas?

Hydrogen sulfide is an inorganic compound with a molecular weight of 34.076. It is soluble in water with a melting point of -85.5 ℃ and a boiling point of -60.4 ℃. Under standard conditions, hydrogen sulfide is a flammable acid gas with no color and a rotten egg odor at low concentrations.

What is a hydrogen sulfide sensor?

Hydrogen sulfide gas sensor is a gas sensor designed to detect hydrogen sulfide. Hydrogen sulfide is a colorless flammable gas with a special smell of rotten eggs. It is irritating and asphyxiating, and has great harm to human body. At present, the colorimetric method and gas chromatography are mostly used to determine hydrogen sulfide in air.

Why test for hydrogen sulfide?

Hydrogen sulfide is mainly produced in municipal sewage pipes, manure tanks, mines, pulp mills…. Where the air is not circulating, the lack of ventilation leads to the continuous accumulation of hydrogen sulfide gas, which leads to the rising concentration of conditions. That’s why there are so many cases of grief.

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