What’s special about ultrasonic liquid level sensor


In recent years, with the rapid development of science and technology, electronic and mechanical products used in industry and life are increasingly automated. For example, in the chemical food, medicine and other industries in the production of liquid level sensor, liquid level sensor and photoelectric, floating ball type, capacitive, electrode type and other types. Ultrasonic liquid level sensor is a kind of special level sensor. Compare with other liquid level sensors, what is special about ultrasonic liquid level sensors?


Ultrasonic liquid level sensor is developed by using the characteristics of ultrasonic, mainly composed of piezoelectric chip, can both transmit ultrasonic wave, can also receive ultrasonic wave. Its working principle is as follows:

The ultrasonic level sensor emits ultrasonic pulse, and the sound wave is converted into electrical signal by the ultrasonic receiver after being reflected by the liquid surface. The distance between the sensor and the measured liquid surface can be calculated by the time between the transmitting and receiving of the sound wave. And that tells us where the liquid is.

If there are obstacles below the position where the liquid level sensor is installed, it is not suitable to use ultrasonic liquid level sensor. Obstacles will affect ultrasonic emission, resulting in signal loss. Obstacles need to be adjusted or avoided.

Compared with ultrasonic liquid level sensor other liquid level sensor is accurate only detect a certain location of the liquid level changes, liquid level alarm point is fixed, according to the liquid level point location installed to detect sensor, when the liquid level reach the set point, internal controller action, control the liquid level display and set the upper and lower limit of automation. Such as:

In order to detect the liquid level change of the whole container height, or to display the liquid allowance in the container in real time, only a multi-point liquid level sensor can be used to detect several liquid level points, but the multi-point liquid level sensor cannot detect the liquid level change of the whole height.

The multi-point liquid level sensor needs to be composed of long pipes and multiple floating balls, which occupies a large space and has low accuracy. Photoelectric liquid level sensor can be directly assembled on the internal board, relatively small volume, high accuracy, but also can not achieve real-time measurement. The distance between each point of the photoelectric type with the smallest volume can only be about 6mm, while the distance between each point of other floating ball type liquid level sensor will be larger.

ultrasonic level sensor

Thus the ultrasonic liquid level sensor and other sensors is the difference between the ultrasonic liquid level sensor precision is + / – 0.2 mm, can real-time detect the change of water level, according to the sensor output signal into data display on the LCD screen or implementation to remind function, etc., can be clearly observed data level and control level.

However, it should be noted that although ultrasonic penetration of liquid is great, it can penetrate tens of meters or even higher depth. Ultrasonic liquid level sensor can be used to detect the content of viscous liquid substance and volume substance. They work by generating audio waves in the frequency range of 20 to 200 kHz and then copying those waves back into the transducer. The response of ultrasonic sensors is affected by turbulence, pressure, humidity and temperature.

In addition, transducers must be appropriately added for better response. Can be used to control liquid levels and fine solids in mining and powder, food and beverage industries and chemical processing. However, it is not suitable for measuring foam and volatile liquids. Temperature, dust, water mist, pressure vessels, etc., affect ultrasonic measurement, and the application of ultrasonic liquid level sensor in such environment should be paid attention to.

Product Introduction:

JXCT ultrasonic level sensor is a small but rugged weather-resistant ultrasonic sensor. IP67 protection safety grade, can prevent dust inhalation, can be briefly soaked. It has the advantages of high output sound power and continuous variable gain, real-time automatic calibration, good noise suppression algorithm and so on, and can effectively achieve noiseless distance reading. A stable and reliable range reading can be obtained even in the presence of many acoustic or electronic noise sources. The measuring distance is as long as 10 meters, which can be used in long-distance detection and water tank level detection.

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